Thicker Lashes & Brows

It has Begun! The quest for longer, thicker lashes and fuller, thicker more natural brows. You have been waiting and anticipating the arrival of the new VIHI LASH, and at last it is here…

Clients have been using this product now for over a month. After only 2 weeks, that’s right, 2 WEEKS, they saw their lashes growing longer! As they continued treatment, they were thrilled, as they became fuller and thicker to the point now, where they no longer have to wear mascara at all!  Beyonce and Taylor Swift better watch out. Their extensions can’t match the results we have received naturally growing fuller, longer, lush lashes with VIHI LASH.

Worried about brows? VIHI LASH actually does both lashes and Brows! In fact, other brow formulas have only about half the strength of peptides to regrow fuller brows. VIHI LASH is full strength, insuring you the best possible regrowth!

The Quest for Long, thick lashes, and beautiful brows is a growing billion dollar industry. While there are many products out there claiming they are the best, VIHI and HLLS believes we have found the strongest, most natural and effective formula on the market today. Comparable to Lattiese, without the worry of eye color change, our VIHI LASH will provide you with outstanding results at an extremely competitive price point!

Vision Illusion Hair Importers (VIHI)


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