Cranial Hair Prothetics

 Prior to offering cool laser light therapy, we import the highest quality 100% human hair and manufactor cranial hair prosthetics. 

Non-Surgical Bio Matrix Hair Replacement
/ for Any Type  Hair Loss

We provide a service that allows the hair to re-grow to it’s natural fullness. Our hair pieces are constructed with a ventilated lace material that allows treatment to the scalp while the hair piece is still on the clients head.


Vision Illusion Hair Importers LLC provide hair replacement systems (cranial hair prosthetics), that have been design and U.S. Patent by our company, 100% Non-Toxic Human Hair™.  

We provide high-quality, “Cranial Hair Prosthetics” for women who suffer from any type of hair loss such as alopecia, chemotherapy patients, fire and chemical burn victims etc..., with focus on but not limited to the African American female Vision Illusion Hair Importers LLC provides hair replacement services for all ages, nationalities and genders.  Our partners in India harvest and provide to us the highest quality Non-Toxic Human Hair™ available for the construction of our hair pieces

Vision Illusion Lace Wigs/Cranial Hair Prosthetics

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